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Isn't it time you knew YOUR VALUE so that you can CREATE THE BUSINESS & LIFE YOU DESIRE!

Did you know that creating a profitable business can actually be much easier than most people believe?

When you know your value and you have a clear plan for profit, your success becomes inevitable.

Click the link below to get access to the Irresistible Value & Offers Masterclass for just $97 and never stumble over "What's your fee?" again.

Let's Do This!

Clarifying Your Value & Offer makes it easier to set your fees and actually makes your Services more desirable.

Do you ever think:

> “I'm just starting out, I have no idea if people will pay what I'd like to charge.

> “I'm not sure how to present my services or value or how much I can charge.

> “I don’t know how to package my prices to sell them at a premium.”

> “I’m worried that everyone will go to my competitors if I raise my rates.”

> “I don't have a big following or email list yet.

This is exactly what we're covering in this training!

Next class opens Wednesday, September 7th


Limited Special: $97

You'll learn:

The only way to grow a business is through the exchange of dollars for something of value. Your offer is what initiates this exchange and what you charge for that offer will determine how quickly your business will grow. During this masterclass we're going to get clear on your pricing structure and how you can actually charge what you're worth, you'll learn:

3 Steps to Attracting Higher End Clients

I'll take you through 3 steps to premium pricing that your audience will gladly

pay for.

Consistent Clients

I'll show you how to keep your ideal client base growing consistently and how to maximize the value of each client.

Create Your Profit Plan

We'll design your plan for profit – the strategies and offers that will move the needle forward in your business and increase your profit.

"This is the easiest & most complete training I’ve ever encountered. I started completely from scratch and [Kim] was able to help me get clear on my value and my pricing. A few months later and, I now have a full-fledged business with clients paying me more than I thought was possible. Grateful! "

– Cierra Dawn Marie (Personal Yoga Mentor)

Kim has a knack for cutting through all the fluff and zeroing in on the important details. She's a master at simplifying the complex, making it easy to understand & focus. Working with Kim has been truly helpful, I'm finally owning my expertise and my value."

– Lisa (Relationship Coach)

$97 Masterclass For a Limited Time

Next class opens Wednesday, September 7th


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About Me

Founder of The Successful Startup Summits, CEO of Kim Kelley Thompson and Kim Kelley Productions.

I've built three companies and know first-hand the practical steps and, more importantly, the internal shifts necessary to create a thriving business.

I love helping people clarify their ideas and their value so they can create a high paying business giving them more freedom, income and impact.

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