Business Builder's BOOTCAMP for
Consultants, Coaches and Service Providers 

Ready to Build a Scaleable, Sustainable Business that doesn't drain your savings or your sanity?

A 3-day bootcamp to kick start your business!

During our 3 days together, we’ll:

Create your business framework so you’ll have a map to follow.

Determine your fastest route to profit and create your action plan to get there.

Start building your email list so can you actually reach clients!!

June 28th, 29th, 30th

(60 - 90 minutes) each day.


Here’s a peek what you can expect:

Day 1:  Your Business Framework

One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is setting themselves up for a business that drains their energy and bank account! You don't want to create your own business so you can be working 12-hour days and getting paid pennies for it, do you?

I didn't think so! We’re going to get crystal clear on your business structure. We’ll determine the specific action steps to reach your business objectives. You need a plan to achieve your vision, and that's exactly what we work on in Day 1.

Day 2: Your Plan for Profit

Knowing your numbers and the various ways you can hit those numbers will be key to your business growth. This is a step so many entrepreneurs overlook as they strive to create income. But if you want a lucrative, sustainable, scaleable business, you cannot avoid this step.

On Day 2, we'll design your plan for profit – the strategies and offers that will move the needle forward in your business and increase your profit.

Day 3: Building Your Email List

In order to build a sustainable business, you'll need an email list of engaged prospects. Your ability to get your products, services and offers in front of the right people is directly linked to your ability to connect with your ideal clients. To do that, you'll need to build a targeted email list.

Your email list is the single most important asset in your business. It's difference between a business that consistently attracts clients and one that merely limps along struggling to make a sale. On Day3, we'll start building your list immediately, without spending money on FB ads.

Q & A Sessions for Ongoing Support

Before and after each session, you'll be able to ask questions, review your progress. and get feedback as we nail down your business blueprint, profit plan and list building.

Daily Action Guides to keep you on task & on track

Each day you'll receive an action guide with specific steps designed to give you a blueprint to follow that will move the needle forward to your business vision.


Bonus Daily Success Sessions: "Creating the Mental

Space Necessary for Success"

 ($397 Value)

By the end of the bootcamp you're going to be ready to go. The problem is, if it were that easy everybody would be able to do it!

When it comes to creating the business and life you desire your inner strengths, self value and confidence are going to be key factors and they far outweigh competence.

Entrepreneurship requires you to step outside your comfort zone. These daily sessions focus on catapulting your success from the inside out.

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Training begins June 28th (60 - 90 minutes) each day.


Get on track & on task to creating your ideal business!

When you register for the Business Builder's Bootcamp you'll get:

3 Days of Live (virtual) Training to Create your business framework, Determine your Plan for Profit, and Start building your email list of engaged buyers ($597.00 value).

Daily Q & A Sessions before & after each training ($300 value).

Daily Action Plans & Guides to keep you on track to your business vision ($97.00).

Bonus Daily Success Sessions to help you create the Mental Space necessary for Your Success ($397.00 value).

Bonus Private Coaching Session ($150 value).

Over $1500 in value...

...FOR FREE (for a limited time)

Training begins June 28th (60 - 90 minutes) each day.


Have a burning question? Here’s what’s come up for other bootcampers:

Q:  I haven't started my business yet. Is this for me?

A: Absolutely! This bootcamp is designed for those looking to start OR scale their own business. No matter where you are in your business journey, just starting out, or trying to grow, learning how to position yourself, price yourself, and promote yourself is crucial.

Q:  Where is this bootcamp happening?
A: On Zoom, you'll be sent a link once you register!

Q:  Will this help me get clients?

A: Yes! I'm sharing the same strategies I used to build 3 separate businesses. Building an email list is crucial to your success, and that is exactly what we're going through on Day 3.

Q:  Will I be able to ask questions?

A: You bet! Before and after each training you'll able to ask questions and get support. I'll also be hosting a few Q&A sessions throughout the training!

Q: What if I can’t make it live?

A: No problem, all sessions are recorded and available for the entire 3 days.

About Me

I help people take the ideas floating around in their heads and turn them into profitable, sustainable businesses.

In the past few years, I've been able to grow 3 different businesses — not just rapidly, but sustainably, and I'm not working 18 hour days with my eyes burningggg from my screen. Although, initially I was, because I got stuck in a learning but not earning mode, researching and researching trying to figure out how to put it all together and getting bits and pieces of the puzzle but always missing a critical part.

That ended when I set a clear foundation for my business, with a scaleable profit plan and built an engaged email list. I can tell you with 100% certainty, without those three items, you will not have a sustainable business.

I'm excited to help you design your ideal business so you can have a business and life that works for YOU, giving you more freedom, greater impact and more profit.

Is there a learning curve? Sure, just like with anything new. My goal is to make that learning curve as short as possible, so you’ll never have an excuse to give up. YOU CAN DO THIS and believe me it is well worth it!

— Kim Thompson